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Tantra Experience
BeFree Tantra: tantric transformation is based on daily practice as a powerful source for permant turn towards love and completion.
Tantra Videos
BeFree Tantra videos and clips cdmonstrate the difference between classic and trantric massage.
A Woman's Lust
BeFree Tantra: Experience the secret of female ecstasy in 95 video clips and  astonish your partner regularly!
Tantra Pictures
BeFree Tantra: the picture series will show you personal and most intimate close ups of yoni, lingam and anus.
Download FAQ
Information on how downloads work, with FAQ and their answers concerning Tantra Download.
Woman's lust
As a woman discover your own true female lust. Every man can use these video clips to surprise and bewitch his sweetheart. This comprehensive video archive discloses in a unique way the complete roadmap to female ecstasy. Save this treasure for yourself and your lucky love!
Tantra Massage
Every tantra massage taught in BeFree Tantra Seminars is availabele in Tantra Download as manual: The tantra whole body massage, the tantra breast massage, the tantra yoni massage, the tantra lingam massage and the tantra anus massage. This site explains in detail the spirit and the effect of tantric massages and their integration in a tantric ritual. The genital massages each contain 55 different touches for yoni and lingam which can also be watched on film clips in the download section
Tantra Experience
In this section you will find practical suggestions on how to take your tantric knowledge into everyday life. This section will be expanded and made more extensive bit by bit throughout the year with exercises, meditations and suggestions for physical love. Become the master of your happiness! With the offers in Tantra Experience you are able to contribute very much to your own happiness, day after day!
Tantra Videos
In this section you find film clips to all five tantra massages. The film clips of tantra healing massage, tantra breast massage, tantra yoni massage, tantra lingam massage and tantra anus massage show step by step the path to your sexual liberation.
Tantra Pictures
With the BeFree tantra picture series we would like to contribute to freeing “hidden” body parts from the taboo zone. Within the tantric temple we look with respect, appreciation and even with adoration onto the body and all its beauties.

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