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Tantra practice for everyday life

Tantra Experience

tantra practice
BeFree Tantra: Tantra Practice transforms your daily life. That is the purpose of Tantra. Use the useful offers on Tantra Download.

In this section you will find practical suggestions on how to take your tantric knowledge into everyday life. This section will be extended and completed bit by bit throughout the year with exercises, meditations and suggestions for physical love.

In tantric love it is not lust or physical desire that is important, but the willingness to enter, together with your partner, expanded areas of consciousness. The physical body is the means of doing so.

We are very glad if you make use of the helps that you will find here and put them into practice. Then you will experience the blessing that is a fulfilled partnership which permeates all other areas of your life as well.

Fostering regular love-making which satisfies both man and woman is the most important basis for enduring happiness in life and love. We are glad to help make this a reality!

Tantra Experience

Manual on quiet and gentle penetration
with picture series for correct positioning and ‘threading’ the lingam into place
How to penetrate without erection is demonstrated in these instructions. You can see the exact position in which the unerected lingam may be introduced as well as the hand positions necessary.
10.00 €

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