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Head of BeFree Tantra

BeFree Tantra: Regina Heckert
Regina Heckert has founded 20 years ago the BeFree Tantra school and the BeFree Institut.

REGINA HECKERT, 52 years old, pedagogue, founder and head of the BeFree Tantra Institute for the past 20 years. She offers events for women, singles and couples. The BeFree Tantra School’s work focuses on the exploration, development and spreading of the female dimension of physical love for the benefit of both man and woman.

The tantric work is supplemented, expanded, deepened and enriched by the integration of ancient tantric texts and traditions, contemporary spiritual wisdom and teachings, constellation work by Bert Hellinger and various types of meditations.

Inspired by Tantra teachers Margo Anand, Gabrielle St.Clair, Jovana Wex, Diana Richardson, Daniel Odier as well as supplementary teachings and methods of awareness development by Dinesh Juckoff, Paul Lowe, Byron Katie, Bert Hellinger and A Course In Miracles.

Family Constellation work credentials: training with Bert Hellinger and the Wieslocher Institut für Systemische Lösungen for the past twelve years

CIRCLE OF ASSISTANTS, approx. 25 assistants who take care of practical details during events, some of whom contribute to seminar content as well.

Coming soon: Regina Heckert’s curriculum vitae.

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