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Learn tantra online!

A woman's desire
The BeFree Online School of Love gives special attention to the real lust of the woman. Women get to know themselves, men expire what inspires and nourishes the lust of the woman.
Tantra Massage
In the Befree online school of love you get to know five Tantra massages: full body massage, the Tantra breast massage, the Yoni massage, the Lingam massage and the anus massage.
Tantra Rituals
Create unforgettable evenings of love together. The Tantra Online School of Love offers you suitable Tantra rituals. What Tantra rituals are and important questions thereto you can find directly here in the Online School of Love.
Yoni, Lingam, Anus
Yoni, Lingam and Anus are regions of the human body, which are often considered as a no-no. Set these important centres of physical love free with animations of the BeFree Tantra School of Love.
Videos & filmclips
The Tantra Online School of Love always refers to the corresponding articles of the Tantra Download. There you find films and film clips, which show you methods to a satisfying sexuality in detail. You can acquire them for a fee and then you own them your
The Tantra path
Here you find Tantra information, Tantra doctrines and Tantra teachers who had an influence on BeFree Tantra. Furthermore there are aged texts to Tantra practise instruction.
Offer of the month
Each month we provide a Tantra offer at a reduced price for you. So it is worth to visit the Tantra Online School of love regularly.
Tantra Seminars
While the Tantra Online School of love enables you to acquire tantric knowledge at home, you can also visit our seminars and lectures to learn more about the helpful instruments of physical love. We are looking forward to your visit!

Welcome to the Tantra School of Love. Learn Tantra online!

BeFree Tantra Online School of Love
BeFree Tantra: Have fun to go exploring and learn Tantra online. The Tantra Online school of love offers you a hugh range of offers for this.

Being a branch of the BeFree Tantra School, the Tantra Online School of Love offers a wide range of teaching and learning material with the Tantra Download.

Learn how to create a Tantra temple, to give your love play a new quality! Experience anything about the real lust of a woman. This part of the Tantra School of Love is the most extensive one since it is the central area of research of the BeFree Tantra School and represents the result of more than twenty years of experience. Learn all types of Tantra massage (whole body, breasts, yoni, lingam and anus) and their healing effects. Discover how to celebrate a Tantra ritual at home in the section Tantra rituals. The Tantra Download offers lots of detailed manuals of Tantra rituals!

The  Online School of Love is not just yet complete but is permanently upgraded. So your frequent visits are worthwhile!


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