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Love your entire body

Respecting the body
BeFree Tantra: All parts of your body, especially Lingam, Anus and Yoni need respectful touches and loving presence to free them from the exile of tabooing.

Yoni, Lingam, Anus

In Tantra the body is used as supportive resource for the inner journey. The entire body! No body part is excluded or depreciated, but every part is accepted with love and attention. Each part of the body also has its psychological qualities, which have generally been suppressed. The conscious and loving treatment of the “external” body awakens the presence inside – the gate to being.

  • Yoni: female receptivenes
  • Lingam: magic, healing wand
  • Anus: freeing of fears and emotions

Many people don’t like their body.  Women in particular tend to compare themselves with perfect magazine pictures, which often leaves them feeling inadequate, They don’t feel comfortable “ in their body”, especially when they are getting “up in years.” Rejecting the body or parts of the body binds vitality, blocks love lust and keeps one from diving deeper into the inner body.

Particularly the genitals, in Tantra called yoni (female genitals) and lingam (male genitals) and anus have hardly ever experienced a casual and natural treatment. Tension and tightening, shame and guilt or exaggerated expectations are located there in every pore. Alert presence and careful touches can bring release and help. The body, and each part of it, can breath a sigh of relief and “come to” again. Even though here we focus extensively on yoni, lingam and anus, in Tantra no body part is neglected: Everything can be caressed and massaged, every finger, the ear, the face, the feet, the hollow of the knee, the neck – the whole universe of love. This way the body – and especially each rejected body part – becomes a signpost to a fulfilling and healing love life and a bridge to a deeper reality.

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