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A woman's lust

A woman’s lust needs a lot of time and relaxation to unfold. Not only that; if a man understands how to touch a woman’s heart, the closed doors to the woman’s lust will open for him. Which man would not like to learn how a man can enchant women? The BeFree Tantra School of Love has dedicated itself to exploring, developing and spreading the knowledge about the real lust of a woman. For twenty years the knowledge has been gathered and expanded within the circle of women. Of course, this knowledge is not supposed to stay within this circle of women. Here women can learn to discover and awaken themselves and their own lust. Men are given all this knowledge about the woman’s lust so they can understand, delight and love this mystery which is “woman.”


Woman's lust
BeFree Tantra: The lust of the woman works totally different as the one of the man. Learn here, how.
Gentle intercourse
BeFree Tantra: Soft forms of sexual conjunction awaken the lust of the woman deeply and bring catharsis  for man and woman.
Sexual problems
BeFree Tantra: The lust of the woman can be blocked by sexual blockades, sexual abuse or experiences of violence. Here you find help for women to heal sexual wounds and to reopen cautiously for a new, conscious physical love.
Tantra extension
BeFree Tantra: The lust of the woman develops especially well, if tender emotions can be felt. Experience aout magnetic stream of love, the embracing of the heart and YabYum seat.
Yes to the body
BeFree Tantra: When a woman accepts her body instead of devaluating it by comparing it with cover girls, an important basis fort he lust of the woman is created.
Female orgasm
BeFree Tantra: Orgasm and eargasm belong together, if the real lust of the woman shall originate.
Tantra massages
BeFree Tantra: Tantra massages give space and time to body, soul and spirit, to bloom. Therefore, they make a big contribution to the awakening of the lust of the woman.
BeFree Tantra: Here you find seminars and events in connection with lust of the woman, love and partnership, fulfilling sexuality, dreamboats etc.

Unfortunately most women still don’t have the courage to let their lover in on their most secret desires of a woman’s fulfilled lust. Some women know little both about the collective woman’s lust and about their own needs. Often they participate in the male-orientated sexuality. Many women withdraw completely from sexual lust without knowing the healing alternatives for man and woman. Other women know exactly where and how they would like to be touched by a man, yet do not know how to communicate that which is special about their own unique lust. Sometimes the necessary words are missing or the courage to reveal oneself. When a woman dares to show the man the unique characteristics of her lust, she needs to go at it delicately. A demanding or nagging undertone immediately brings a man to flee. Getting to know one’s own needs, gaining the courage to express them and finally mastering the art of letting a man in on them, is learned in the women’s circle. The woman’s lust is far more than fulfilled and fulfilling sexuality for man and woman; it touches and includes the entire life. Where it takes up residence, the over-activity and the chasing after goals and things must gradually give way to dwelling in the now, to Being. Man and woman are fed and nourished, together, from the source of deep relaxation. This way lived femininity benefits man and woman, and also the children and the entire planet. This way the imbalance  in each individual and globally between tension and relaxation, between activity and stillness, between planning and surrender is transformed into a harmonic togetherness. The School of Love Online, as new branch of the BeFree Tantra School, contributes practically on a constant basis; in Tantra Download you will find 98 gateways to female lust: 95 film clips show erotic touches from head to toe, which awaken and unfold the female lust and therefore contribute to the healing of female sexuality. Every man who learns and masters this true art of love enriches first and foremost his own life with the abundance which simply develops on its own out of slowness, consciousness and stillness.

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