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Passionate woman – happy man

Erotic touches from head to toe

General notes on female lust, also to the Tantra Download:

The woman’s lust is a mystery for many. The sexuality in relationships suffers for man and woman alike due to lack of knowledge about woman’s lust. “Lustlessness” replaces the magic with which sexuality started. However a passionate, sensual woman does not need to remain a dream! In her twenty years of working with women, Regina Heckert has gathered a lot of knowledge about the access to female lust and the gateway to the eroticism of a woman. This knowledge can help man as well as woman discover the real lust of a woman, enabling sexual fulfilment in partnership. Almost one hundred film clips, showing the erotic touches from head to toe, contribute to awaken the passionate, sensual woman. Lack of lust moves into the background the more the female sexuality unfolds. Here you will find important basic information. The extensive work “A woman’s lust” consists of 95 film clips. The man who masters the art of love here documented will experience the paradise of passionate love opening to him!


All touches to awaken a woman’s lust were explored in diligent detail work and developed in a women’s circle. Every woman can become a sensual woman. The access to sexual lust is completely different for a woman than for a man. Whereas he likes the direct approach to his centre of lust, the two hands grip on breast and yoni deadens every desire in a woman except when she is in a state of high arousal. Women – in their original essence – are not result-oriented. Quite the contrary. They love the dancing around, the playfulness and experiencing lust in body parts where no man can imagine the flow of an erotic vein.


Where female lust begins
BeFree Tantra: Experience in the Online School of love, where female lust starts. No man will believe!

You can experience and learn about woman’s lust first-hand and in great detail from the film clips in Tantra Download. Chose between the picture series of individual areas or the complete work of 95 touches. You will then hold the knowledge of a woman’s eroticism in your hands. As a woman you can take the film clips to go on a journey of erotic discovery to your real female lust and passion. A woman’s body is capable of highest ecstasy if man makes the effort to study the map. Men as well as women are capable of learning the subject. Lack of lust is no inevitable fate. The unfolding of this kind of eroticism needs time and the right approach. An approach which is too fast and direct creates resistance and defence where there would otherwise be willingness.

How to love a woman!

Experience how deep sexual fulfilment is possible for man and woman! Just try one to two erotic touches at a time, to not overdo it all at once. This way this material will last you many years. Along the way, you will no doubt discover niches which are personalized to your own unique sexual lust. Certainly you will have a lot of fun, lust and love during the great journey of discovery to woman’s lust! The emphasis in the touches shown lays on the “How.” The presence, the real “there-ness” with everything that happens is the gateway to a deeper encounter and to sexual pleasure. Along the tantric path one cannot avoid such working on the consciousness. However the blessing which it brings everyone can hardly be expressed in words. When the goal of the encounter between man and woman is not the sexual spectacle, the pursuit of orgasms or other sexual preferences, but simply the conscious togetherness, physical and sexual, then the highest bliss possible on the physical level unfolds. The sensual sexual melts with the love of the heart and flows equally internally and externally, in man and woman.

kiss on the hand
BeFree Tantra: can you imagine that the tradtional kiss on the hand is still working nowadays? But even more! If it is presented respectfully with time and emotion it open all doors! Make use of this guidepost to female lust!

For the true tantrics this high art of physical love completes a level of their development. Expansion can now only happen through the phenomena of the energetic body, as is possible during gentle intercourse. Once the Tantra-enthusiast (or the natural talent in love lust) reaches this threshold, he can go further by leaving the orbit around the physical body in a quantum leap. Now the inner body guides the way as a sensitive and energetic navigator. Whoever follows its leading will reach the end of the journey, beyond the material experience and in the omnipresence of love, in(to) formless being. This is also where all words end.

Helpful information about female lust

whole body and eye contact
BeFree Tantra: To feel each other completely, also effects if you don’t believe it. So you charge your batteries of life energy mutually. The body can quiver inside due to eye contact and loving words. Make a try!

Discover the secret hiding places of erotic lust of a woman over the entire body. Each woman has her own individual map of lust. In your next love-making take your time, don’t steer directly to the goal - and it will pay off! Lying on top of each other, naked, taking a lot of time just to feel, awakens a new physical presence. When the bodies touch everywhere, there is an exchange of energy which charges the batteries of both the man and the woman! You can especially  enjoy this “still” experience when you are united in missionary position and breathe together gently and deeply. Eye contact and loving words are the “cherry on top” for bliss!

female lust in her face
BeFree Tantra: female lust starts in her face! Discover all her face lines and follow them with your finger or a wisp of hair!

Many men cannot imagine that a woman’s lust starts in her face. Eye contact and gentle loving words can be combined perfectly with all the “touches of the face” shown in the film clips to form a unique erotic wave of love. If you practice the touches according to the instructions, you will have amazing experiences. Each touch of a woman’s face may conquer her heart. There is a secret connection from the face through the inner channel to the centre of lust of the woman. Try it out! Play with a strand of hair, caress the temples or along the cheeks, draw every facial line – taking plenty of time and being totally playful!

A prickling on the insides of the leg
BeFree Tantra: Take your time, to discover the legs from the bottom to the top. Disperse them gently and sneak up to highest female lust!

Legs are particular contributors to lust; whether touched front or back, they get the blood flowing strongly. Start at the calves, the insides of the knees and slowly let your hands wander upwards. But don’t make the mistake of touching the yoni! It is much more exciting if you play around her and explore the most erotic sides on legs and feet, until there is absolutely no other way … For most women the legs are particularly delightful – as long as you avoid or delay touching the genitals directly. Keep your loved one in excited suspense a little before you continue. You will certainly be paid off!

The kundalini snake
BeFree Tantra, female lust: Awaken carefully the huge kundalini power by touches and vibrations at the tail bone! Here starts the hot lust of a woman!

The area around the tail bone is very sensitive for some people and arousing in a particular way, particularly in connection with touches on the buttocks or upper back. Extremely fine, gentle, feathery touches let goose pimples flow up and down and create fine streams of lust in the entire abdomen. Let your flat hand, lying on the tail bone, alternate between gentle and strong vibration. This way you awaken the “kundalini snake” which rests there, curled up. Once it awakens, highly erotic and hot waves of lust flow upwards through the entire body. Don’t let this fire of sensuality pass you by! Learn the touches of the tail bone in detail in the series “back”.

positive pole of lust: breasts
BeFree Tantra: When awakening the lust of a woman the breasts are of great importance for female sexuality. Learn how to strength this pole and the willingness to receive the lingam arises by itsself. Learn to touch the nipples directly and gently!

It is not the lengthy work on the yoni which brings a woman to the highest bliss. Quite the opposite - it can actually be tiring and lust deadening for both woman and man. Respect the approach to the woman’s lust via the face and loving words, and your next door opener will be touching the breasts. A woman’s readiness to receive the lingam inside of her is awakened and strengthened when the breasts are often, consciously and attentively touched and massaged. There is a connection between the nipples and the clitoris. You may use this knowledge to your advantage. Eventually you may connect the exterior touches of the yoni with the breasts. But be careful; how you touch makes all the difference. Learn with the 26 film clips! Remarked on the side, the present, aware touch of the breasts has a beneficial effect on the erection of the man.

Sucking with pleasure!
BeFree Tantra: There are many parts on the female body that are enjoy pleasureable sucking and gentle kisses! Do not oversee seemingly "unimportant" parts of the body! Who has time for each single finger of a woman's hand will harvest exuberant the full l

For all the touches -- take your time. This is the key! Do not use the touch to reach a goal, but explore it in depth. The woman notices whether you use a touch to reach your goal as soon as possible or whether you are expressing your love for her in manifold ways! Women prefer the roundabout to the direct approach to their sex centres breast and yoni. Include her face again and again – as a sign “I’m still with you. I see you.” Some men get lost in a rush of their own lust. This way the woman becomes an object and the contact is lost. This is one of the reasons why many women turn away from sexuality. Therefore keep holding the connection through eye contact, loving words and touching the face – again and again. There are many places on the body of a woman which are delighted about appreciative sucking and gentle kisses! Don’t overlook the seemingly “unimportant” body parts! Whoever takes the time for each individual finger of a woman will harvest the plenty he has sown: the full, ripe lust of a woman!

Your next step to an abundance of love lust

If you have read attentively this far, you are definitely interested in woman’s lust. Your next step will be learning love lust. Download one of the series of the film clips “Woman’s lust” or take the complete package and save it on your computer! You will have lifelong love lust at home!

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