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About the ear-gasm of a woman

Whispering words of love into her ear
BeFree Tantra: Serious words of love open the heart of a women and make her to be in the mood for physical love.

Bernhard Ludwig, a well-known Austrian cabaret artist, talks in his film “Manual for sexual dissatisfaction” (“Anleitung zur sexuellen Unzufriedenheit”) about the so-called “ear”gasm of a woman. A woman’s desire uses different entry tickets than that of a man. Loving, sincere words play here a central role. However, many men feel completely out of their element when it comes to reaching a woman’s heart and lust with words. This isn’t surprising, as desire’s internal wiring functions differently in man and woman. That’s why when a man simply transfers his sexual desires onto a woman and tries to stimulate her desire in a male way, he fails.

However, even women often don’t know the exciting, magic language of their own soul which will awaken them to full and exuberant lust.

If a man is able to touch a woman’s heart, she will open every pore of herself to him. But how does a man reach a woman’s heart? The key is loving words. Sincere, loving words. Every woman longs for compliments on her body because she often cannot accept herself as she compares herself with magazine beauties and therefore believes her man judges her in this way as well. Every woman wants to be beautiful for her man. It is not only the choice of words, but also the way they are said. A woman wants a man to put his feelings into the words he expresses. But men often find it harder than women to access their feelings. Loving words breathed into the ear or simply whispering the woman’s name with love can move mountains. Most women find it particularly precious when the man looks at her at the same time.

A collection of magic words of love results from years of work in the circle of women. It may help men and women to develop a sputtering source of desire caused by these words. You can download this collection from the Tantra Download, section Tantra Experience as a PDF-file (10 pages) for only € 7,00. 



* transl. note:  the German word for ear is “Ohr”, which sounds just like the beginning of the word “Orgasm” – thus an easily-understood play on words in German.


About the orgasm of a woman

A collection of detailed information about the orgasm of a woman will be published here within the next few months. Currently an orgasm training for women is in a testing phase. This orgasm training will most likely be open for women to book starting this summer. If you are interested please ask for the contact form at our BeFree Institute. As soon as we have the details, you will hear from us.


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