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Gentle penetration

Sexual intercourse without erection

In addition to the usual, target-oriented physical love (concentrated on orgasms), there is also the energetic encounter which is more satisfying for the female side in man and woman. The gentle sexual intercourse makes love-making possible without an erection. The tantric knowledge makes this togetherness in deep relaxation without the necessity or pressure to “have to do something” possible. The effect is very healing for the male and female sex centres suffering from hypertension. And with regular practice it is also beneficial for the love between them.

What is a gentle or still sexual encounter? How can man and woman discover a completely new passion and lust in love through it? The exact written and illustrated instructions for the gentle and still sexual intercourse you find here in Tantra School for Love Online, and with pictures in the nude, ‘x-rated’ form in Tantra Download.

Intercourse of man and woman without erection is called ‘gentle sexual intercourse.’ Intercourse without the movement and the usual action is called ‘still sexual intercourse.’

The heart opens wider during the gentle and still intercourse as does sexual energy. Most women are freed from the usual pressure of having to have an orgasm, and men are freed from the pressure of having to have an erection. For men with erection problems the gentle intercourse is good news. As the pressure to have an erection is freed, sometimes the erection problems dissolve completely. Nevertheless, erection is not an issue during gentle and still intercourse. It is much more a completely new, meditative way of love making. Man and woman can observe much more precisely how in the course of time the remarkable intelligence of yoni and lingam unfold. This new way of love making does not require lust, but rather a conscious decision to practice intercourse again and again, as often as possible. When yoni and lingam come together, the magnetism between man and woman develops and strengthens, the “inner” battery of each is charged and a completely new love lust unfolds. When regularly practicing this way of love making, man and woman are more balanced (which is carried into other parts of daily life as well), more loving, and negative emotions reduce more and more.

Even when it looks like nothing is happening during gentle or still sexual intercourse, a couple practising it over a period of several months will notice, upon looking back, that daily life and the contact with each other has changed enormously. All in all, man and woman become more loving and sensitive. This is also true for the genitals. A woman who has withdrawn herself completely from sexuality will open up again trustingly as long as man simply rests inside of her. Slowly but surely, all stress of unpleasant sexual experiences held in each cell of the body will dissolve. A new, much deeper receptivity awakens. This also influences the rest of the love making; it will become more mindful, more respectful, simply more loving. The awareness and presence which are part of this kind of relaxed sexual intercourse have a strengthening, intensifying effect.

In the “letter for couples (Download, Tantra Practice, German only)” specific tips are listed, as most people get very tired when relaxation start, due to their overly active life style. Should this condition persist, a change of life style should be considered and implemented – also for health reasons.

In the “scissor position,” the woman can introduce the soft lingam. The gentle intercourse may change several times, in other worrds an erection might come and go. Particularly if a woman can focus and keep her concentration on her breasts for an extended period of time, the lingam will awaken and sometimes will rest for a long time, still and aroused inside the yoni. If an erection occurs, that is not an invitation to “produce” more lust, but rather to feel each other together, relaxing even more and also to exchange the feelings each experiences. At the beginning it may help to move a little, the movements led by the woman and leading back into phases of stillness again and again. After several experiences with gentle and still sexual intercourse it is important not to do anything, but simply to observe what wants to happen on its own. Sometimes only deep relaxation happens, nothing else. However the invisible inner energy fields of man and woman are charged even when nothing is felt as yet. Should one fall asleep during still or gentle intercourse, the other can still feel, breathe and practice his/her body awareness. Sometimes both are so exhausted that a short “sleep in union” is appropriate. In this case it is advisable to set the alarm clock and just take a “tantric nap” together.

If the lingam becomes aroused during the intercourse, yet remains still, without the usual action, in the yoni, it is called the still intercourse. Some women don’t find the scissor position so very comfortable in this case, and we recommend changing to the missionary position. Once the lingam relaxes again (gentle intercourse), you may simply change back to the scissor position.


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