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Sexual problems of women

Women’s sexual problems develop in the course of life through experiences of violence like sexual abuse or rape. Also long-term experience with sexuality oriented to the needs of a man, in which female lust has been overlooked, generates a resistance to sex in women. In healthy men, sexuality doesn’t require preparation. Lust arises at the spur of the moment and disappears just as quickly after sexual release. Women who have gone along with this fast, vigorous and even painful sexuality, will – sooner or later – withdraw from these constant injuries to their femininity. Also collectively, women are held by boundaries which constantly cut them off from the free experience of opulent lust. The worldwide oppression – particularly of the female lust – leaves traces through space and time within every individual woman. Some women feel it more than others. In the end, no woman is spared. A woman who feels completely free sexually, and enjoys sexuality whenever and however she likes, easily gets a bad name and lives at the edge of society. This may be one reason why women find it difficult to free themselves to their full lust. A woman’s lust needs time, relaxation and the connection to the heart in order to bloom.

Solve sexual problems
BeFree Tantra: Sexual problems of women have causes. If they are identified and resolved, real lust of the woman can develop.

On the following pages you find practical help and suggestions on solving sexual problems of women and overcoming them permanently. Also read everything on the topic “A woman’s lust.”  In Tantra Download you will find various films and other information material which enables you to go on your own adventure trip to a woman’s lust and to outsmart sexual problems and blockages.

Helpful ways to solve women's sexual problems:

1. The light-lingam meditation for women »

Learn to open your womb again for sexual intercourse, gently and cautiously. This meditation is beneficial for all women, and particularly helps with strong sexual problems if practised frequently (also during sexual intercourse). Sexual intercourse should be gentle or still. Every activity related to the man which rubs or causes pain disturbs the sexual healing of the woman.

2. Awakening of the breast as basis for the new sexuality as woman »

Information on the significance of the breast for the sexual lust of a woman, breast meditation and references to Tantra breast massage

3. Films and film clips to awaken a woman's lust »

Further information and helps are coming soon.

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