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Sexual Healing for women

The Light Lingam Meditation

Regina Heckert has developed the light-lingam meditation especially for women. Sexual healing means, on the one hand, becoming free from unpleasant sexual experiences of the past which have led to a blocking of the sexual lust of the woman. This includes all experiences of violence like sexual misuse, rape and also being forced to a kind of sexuality which a woman does not like or which may even hurt. On the other hand, sexual healing for women is an enhancement; sexual healing means being able to connect sexuality with the heart’s love at any time and to awaken to a holistic sexuality in which the woman clearly takes the lead, must take the lead – in the interest of of both man and woman. Each woman longs not only to receive the man physically during sexual intercourse, but more deeply for complete connection, an actual melting with the man . Unfortunately this hoped-for experience of unity is most often hindered by too much thinking, control and an inner absence or distance.

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picture of Anja-Katharina Halbig, Dresden
BeFree Tantra: the Light Lingam meditation for women lifts blockages and makes the woman willing for sexual conjunction. At the same time, it awakes the magnetic stream of love.

As an energetic healing meditation, the light-lingam  meditation awakens the deep female receptivity for male energy – the longing of many women and men. When it is practiced regularly, fears and blockages stored in the tissue of the yoni and the pelvis are gently released. Old wounds and injuries make way for a completely new and deep experience of sexuality. Almost incidentally a fine perceptive awareness develops and the energetic inner body awakens as an extremely fine surging and streaming in one’s own body. Visualising light at the same time activates the self healing forces down to the cell level and strengthens the immune system. At the end of the light-lingam meditation, the woman becomes one with the light-lingam. This way she integrates the male power which also exists within her. Is it not wonderful to perceive the lingam as a healing wand?  And to thereby increase the respect and esteem for the other sex?

In practicing the light-lingam meditation, it is important to go only as far as it feels “right”. At the beginning some women can only allow the lingam to enter a few millimetres. Then it is best to pause, calmly waiting until the inside opens of itself, in time asking for “more.” This meditation takes some women into a deep relaxation, induces and frees tears in others, and yet others may have an intense experience of unity and again others will simply feel refreshed and open.

After doing it regularly for a time, the light-lingam meditation may also be practiced during sexual intercourse. This then brings about deep sexual healing and renewal here as well. For this, however, the stillness of gentle or still intercourse is necessary, without any active, external “doing”. When you use breath to guide your attention to the fine inner processes, the magnetic stream between lingam and yoni can be discovered and become, with time, clearly noticeable. Apart from that, the positive effect this has on the woman will be transmitted to the man immediately. While she re-discovers her deep receptivity, she simultaneously strengthens the male power and presence in her partner. And now – enjoy the inner journey of discovery to your pure femininity!

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