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The magnetic love stream

Man and woman fit together in a wondrous way. Yet they often fall into the trap of quarrels and problems instead of maintaining and strengthening their love. Through all that the magnetic stream of love flows continuously when the bodies are brought together. Couples who use this Tantra knowledge purposefully experience a renewal of their love and eventually discover that the annoying ‘weed’ in their relationship has disappeared of itself.

On this site you find the following information:

  • How does the magnetic love stream work?

  • The magnetic love stream within one’s own body

  • Awakening the magnetic love stream within

  • The magnetic love as circulating stream between woman and man

  • How man and woman can recharge their inner batteries with each other in a relaxed way

  • What happens internally during the quiet, gentle penetration

  • How the magnetic love stream is injured through harmful sex

    1. How does the magnetic love stream work?

    Tantra assumes that each human individual, man or woman, is inwardly a magnet with a positive and a negative pole. For sensitive human beings this magnetism in the energetic body is palpable beyond the external shell of the visible, physical body.

    The plus pole of a woman is her breast, the minus pole the yoni (tantric name for the female genitals). The plus pole of a man is his lingam (tantric name for penis). The heart is the man’s minus pole. The positive pole radiates energy. This is visible on the physical level: The breasts give milk when nursing a baby, the lingam discharge sperm. However, the positive pole also radiates energy invisibly. Always. It does not depend on the size of the breast or the lingam. It does not matter whether we find them beautiful or not. The minus pole receives the energy. This becomes obvious when we think of the yoni, which receives the lingam and its sperm. That the man receives energy with his heart centre in the middle of his chest has no visible, physical equivalent. Radiating energy and receiving energy happens invisibly – it is a phenomenon of the energy field. The circulation of energy takes place within a human being as a magnetic stream but also during bodily contact between man and woman.

    2. The magnetic love stream within one’s own body

    Beyond the constantly active flow of thoughts, our inner body can be perceived as fine flowing. Usually women find the access to the endless flowing inside more easily. The sensitive perception necessary may be developed through meditation, breath and energy work but also through frequent sexual activity such as the quiet and gentle penetration. The heart embrace and the light lingam meditation for women also awaken the magnetic love stream. Even through mere visualization of the heart embrace can substantially enhance the perception. Some extremely sensitive people don’t need training; they are, thanks to their nature, very aware of their inner body. The perception of the external and later also the inner body is essential for mindful sexuality. The training to sensitive perception starts with guiding your attention to all individual body parts and then with feeling the body from the inside. Many different relaxation methods support this process. In his books, CDs and talks the spiritual master and teacher Eckhart Tolle talks a lot about the inner body and how it may be perceived. Exercises are described in his audio book, “The Power of Now” (German version available in the BeFree Shop). 

    3. The awakening of the magnetic love stream

    A woman can strengthen her positive pole  through daily breast massages and the breast meditation (manual coming soon on this webpage). Simultaneously she also enhances the receptiveness of her yoni. The strengthening of the breast as magnetic plus pole in a woman opens the access to deeper sexuality and sensitizes the yoni. Many women who are cut off through lack of lust from the immense sexual power can rediscover it this way. A man who wants to support his woman to discover her real female lust give her as many respectful breast-touches as he can. You find instructions on tantric breast massage in Tantra Download Films. This has a stronger effect than all efforts made to produce lust directly on the yoni. The yoni of a sexually-awakened woman is receptive all on her own, once the rules of female lust are respected and applied. Most men find it difficult to get in touch with the fine streams in their inner body. An already awakened woman may be a catalyst. Meditation and breath techniques also help to escape the “thinking” and to anchor consciousness in the body. Man and woman can achieve the awakening of the energetic magnetic love stream together. The quiet and gentle penetration, a ritual for opening and intimacy in the Tantra Download and the heart embrace help.


    4. The magnetic love as circulating stream between woman and man

    In Tantra books you find many pictures of man and woman in which the magnetic circuit is visible. The breast and the heart of the woman radiate the female energy. The heart of the man as receptive pole receives it. Once the minus pole admits energy, its own magnetism kicks off the streaming internally. The energy received streams “automatically” down to the lingam which radiates male energy anyway without any ado. However, the energy received from the woman enhances the energy of the man. His lingam passes it on to the yoni of the woman. From there it rises to the heart and the breast of the woman. The circuit closes. Man and woman fit together in a wonderful way, not only physically but also for the magnetic love stream of their energetic bodies. When man and woman stand or lie together (no matter whether having sexual intercourse or not), the energy flows in the circuit between the poles. Man and woman charge eachother’s “battery” – automatically, without doing anything. They notice this because they feel more vital, powerful and positive.



    5. How man and woman can recharge their inner batteries with each other in a relaxed way

    The existing energetic and energising magnetic love stream between man and woman can be strengthened enormously. This is done most effectively by touching the positive poles. If a woman touches her partner on the lingam without purposefully arousing him or she holds the lingam for a while with conscious attention in her hands, she awakens additional male energy. But something happens in her, as well: Her magnetic love stream is activated and strengthened. A quiet or gentle penetration which then follows can further intensify the circulation of the additional awakened energy.

    Likewise, the man can strengthen the magnetic pole of the woman by touching or through mere conscious holding of her breast. Simultaneously his own plus pole is activated. Therefore the breast of the woman is the man’s best ‘filling station’. A man should touch the breast of his woman often, to strengthen his manhood. The caressing and touching of a breast can contribute to overcoming erection problems.


    6. What happens during a quiet and gentle penetration

    When man and woman have sexual intercourse in missionary position without anything ’special’, the magnetic stream between plus and minus poles between man and woman flows endlessly. The lingam releases an energetic stream which, in time, even a woman can feel. No erection is needed. The yoni of the woman receives the love stream of the man “automatically” and passes the received energy on – up through her body to her heart and breast. The energy flows via the nipples to the heart of the man. The more the woman can receive the lingam, the stronger the magnetic love stream. This energetic happening harmonizes man and woman. It is said that the lingam resting in a woman performs “peace work” and evacuates all negative energy accumulated in the pelvis. This is a beautiful metaphor for whatever is happening. A couple which makes love this way regularly becomes more peaceful and more loving. Every couple can give it a try. The best place for a lingam is in a yoni. Yoni and lingam fit together and would like to be together as often as possible. Even when not pushed to any “effort”, their togetherness has a positive and healing effect and the couple will experience daily life with more satisfaction and an open heart.


    7. Harmful sex injures magnetism

    The magnetic love stream is constantly present and gets hurt when women constantly participate in male-oriented sexuality. Particularly over-activity on the yoni, the pressure to force orgasms there, interferes with the female minus pole, in the long run leading to pole reversal, so that the yoni becomes active and positive and repels the likewise positive lingam. Two positive poles repel each other. Couples then start wondering why sexuality does not happen between them anymore. By nature the yoni is a receptive organ. She exists to open herself and to receive “a visit”. The holistic path to a woman’s lust achieves that the opening happens by itself. A man should never penetrate with violence or against the resistance of a woman. The woman should be very sensitive during every sexual encounter. Pain, even the smallest friction pain, should be avoided. If man and woman apply the laws of love and lust both become more sensitive overall, also in their genitals. The heart for each other, however, becomes larger and larger.

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