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Tantra Rituals

Tantra rituals are special times of mutual encounter. They are embedded into a ceremonial framework which serves to create an atmosphere of higher consciousness. More presence and respect are the gifts which giver and receiver receive in equal portions in a tantric temple. A lasting, fulfilling sexuality is possible once the relaxed female aspect is allowed to enter. A Tantra ritual is always intended to heal. What is healing? The diving into the bliss of the moment? Experiences beyond a tiring everyday humdrum consciousness? Discovering a world where problems and worries cannot come? Or even snacking on the bread of heaven with angels? Healing is all this and a lot more.

To soar into the magic of presence for most people needs a solid decision and structure – a Tantra ritual. Commitment to set “love dates”, allowing plenty of time – at least two to three hours, and having a clear sequence of actions are the conditions necessary to flee from the snares of everyday life. In Tantra rituals, spirituality and sexuality can once again be joined together in holy unity.

For many people, daily life is a great challenge full of activity, demands, problems and worries. Some feel like they’re in constant hectic and powerlessly at the mercy of “the way things are”. They think and act unconsciously and automatically. Many people are trapped in their inner programmes like a computer, shaped and programmed by the experiences of early childhood and their life history. These programmes direct their thinking habits of speech and all actions.Including, of course, their love life. Very few people treat each other consciously during sex. Many are not really “there”. Some women complain, “My partner goes into a sex ecstasy and is totally trapped in his horniness, in his extreme lust. He is not really aware of me.” After a certain point of sexual lust this is the case for many people. They lose contact with their partner. Tantra rituals are spaces of higher consciousness and erotic presence. Like training wheels o a bicycle they assist us in leaving the thoughts about the past and future which tend to whirl through our minds endlessly. They invite us to arrive fully in the present moment and to stay a while.


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