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Tantra lyrics and words of wisdom

World Egg or Illusion?
BeFree Tantra: The Tantra path of liberation shows everybody searching for more than the superficial a way out of the mundane djungle to his real nature of inner essence.

Tantra offers more than a sparkly surface of superficial sensual pleasure. Like a prayer, it can be “droned out” mechanically or can lead to one’s own depth and essence. Some people see Tantra as a sexual game or modern psychotherapy. Tantra, however, is an ancient “sign post” which shows the tantric seeker the path to freedom and truth. This is always connected with the loosing of earthy entanglements and the end of suffering. In this section of the BeFree Tantra School of Love Online we present you the background of Tantra, piece for piece. Both Tantra teachings and teachers which have influenced BeFree Tantra find their place here as do old and new instructions for Tantra practice for those who are really interested.

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