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Learning Tantra massages

The tantra massages of the BeFree Tantra School combine meditation with physical desire, so it becomes a ”holy“ matter, almost a divine service. This allows the deeply engraved cleft between sexuality and spirituality which most people experience to be overcome. Tantra massages touch not only the body, but also the soul, the core of the entire human being. This is the main difference from “classic” massages. Furthermore, Tantra massages are both pathway and goal concurrently to experience the perfect presence. It is the best practice for the Tantra student who is on his way to full presence, and it is a deeply fulfilling enrichment for all who receive.


The foundation of all BeFree Tantra massages is:

  • The integration within the “Greater”
    Tantra massages are always part of a Tantric ritual. This iswhat sets them apart from daily life and other massage techniques. Meditation and the invitation to supporting, healing power weave the energetic net which allows high-quality encounter to occur. Unconsciousness is transformed into loving presence.
  • Breath
    During all Tantric massages the giver and the receiver keep breathing deeply into the places where body and hands touch. Breath is one of the most helpful tools to maintain alertness and connectedness with the body. Using the breath during a Tantra massage you can escape the endless thoughts running around the hyperactive mind, which always tries to snatch you from the Here and Now.
  • Communication
    Before, during and after Tantra massages verbal and non-verbal communication (sounds, body reaction) is important. Questions (Is this touch gentle / hard / quick enough?, etc.) supports the receiver in giving authentic feedback and exploring the touch. Communication during a physical encounter is not easy for many people. Therefore it is helpful to practise it in Tantric massages or Tantric rituals during Tantra seminars. Women find it particularly difficult to express their needs. Experiences in women’s-only circles are often important.
  • Purposeless presence
    The giver frees him/herself from all desire of wanting something from the receiver during a Tantric massage. Especially in nourishing touches like holding and showing “I’m here for you!” is loving presence mirrored. Sometimes men find it more difficult than women to stay purposeless and stick to the individual steps of a Tantric massage. In this case, learning Tantric massage under guidance is very helpful. Read below which Tantric massage will be taught in which seminar this year.

Learning Tantra massages in films and film clip

Learning Tantra massages
BeFree Tantra: In den Filmen und FilmClips, die Sie im Tantra Download erwerben können, finden Sie umfangreiche Informationen zu allen fünf Tantramassagen.

The film material for all five Tantra massages is now in the Tantra Download section. We are happy to be able to support you optimally to the point that you are able to perform Tantric massages all on your own. Please do read all pages about performing a Tantric ritual in the section School of Love. The photo galleries certainly give you a lot of ideas on the decoration of a Tantric temple and how you can decorate an ordinary room for your tantric “festival”.


Study the various Tantric massages with the respective film material. You can of course also use the written descriptions above; through the School of Love online, the written instructions and the film material, you should have all the information you need!


Film and film clips available on all five Tantric massages

BeFree Film: Whole body Tantric massage
This Tantra film shows you how you create a tantric atmosphere. The Tantra surrounding is an essential condition for a successful Tantric massage. You also see the sequence of a Tantric massage demonstrated clearly and understandably.

This film is available in two different resolutions in the Tantra Download section. With this film in combination with the written manual you are perfectly equipped for an unforgettable evening.

BeFree Film Clips: Tantra breast massage
In 27 short film clips you see and learn all touches that a Tantric massage of the breast includes, in detail. You may well want to integrate these touches in your usual love play as well, instead of using them for a Tantric massage. They are of particular relevance for the unfolding of a woman’s desire. Read more in the written manual of the Tantric breast massage.

BeFree Film Clips: Tantra yoni massage
Yoni is the tantric word for the female genitals. The Tantra yoni massage is a very special marvel and gift for every woman. It helps to gently release blockages and tension in the pelvis and in the sex centre and makes a new, conscious, physical love possible. We have put 55 touches for the yoni together for you. Feel free to download only a “taster” of 5 film clips if you still hesitate to go for the worthwhile comprehensive package. Of course, you won’t be able to integrate each of the 55 touches of the yoni into a Tantric massage. A few are sufficient. This way every yoni massage will be different and new. Nevertheless you should definitely keep to the structure and principles of a Tantra massage as explained above. The written manual of the Tantric yoni massge can be found in the Tantra Download section.

BeFree Film Clips: Tantra lingam massage
Lingam is the tantric name for penis. Many times a man’s lingam has never really been touched and “loved” the way it deserves. Even the sex centre of a man holds much of the past experience: sometimes pressure to perform or fear of failure, sometimes to the fear of shortcoming or of not being good enough. The Tantra massage of the lingam releases old patterns and gives an amazing gift with an enormous variety of different touches. The Tantric massage of the lingam is also available in two versions: 5 film clips as starter or the comprehensive package of 55 touches. Complete this precious collection by the written manual of the lingam massage.

BeFree Film Clips: The Tantric massage of the anus
For many people, touching the anus is connected with shame and is taboo. However, a Tantric massage of the anus is healing on a deep level: tightness and tension on the emotional level release, and deep relaxation is possible. Find the detailed instructions in the written manual. In the “Films” section in Tantra Download we have put together 52 film clips with touches around and in the anus.

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