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The Tantra lingam massage

Is there a there a better gift you can give a man than an imaginative, creative adoration of his phallus with the Tantra Lingam Massage? Here man and woman marvel at the variations of touches. Many develop appetite for more. The creativity induced by the Tantra Lingam Massage knows no limits!

During a Tantra Lingam Massage, first the entire body is touched in a healing way, and then the “magic wand” receives extensive attention, with many new touches. A man’s organ of love greatly enjoys such mindful attentiveness. Generally this body pat has previously only been ”used,“ and not ”loved,“ both by man and by woman. Once the Lingam is touched with conscious, present touches beyond the fixation on an orgasm, a new intimacy and love lust develops, enriching both man and woman.

The giver only facilitates by her/his attitude of purposelessness, pursuing no goal of creating sexual stimulation, therefore no erection is necessary. Men with erectile disorder can relax and enjoy a brand new experience. Of course, there is no need to suppress an erection, either. Let the Lingam be as it is. Most likely it will transform a few times during the Tantra Lingam Massage. Some touches feel particularly good to the soft Lingam, others are more pleasant with an erection. Most men feel themselves most intensively at the Lingam. That’s why they are right in wishing/demanding intensive attention right there. Women may not understand this, as female lust blooms through playing around the sex centres instead of touching them directly. Men also long to be able to receive deeply and be touched, also internally. However, most of the time they are not used to being able to just give in, because they either feel completely responsible for the physical love-making or they are so controlled by their sexual urge that they cannot relax. This is why some men become nervous and fidgety when making the first experiences with Tantra Lingam Massages, and think they must touch the massaging woman at the same time. This new experience, of not having to be active, not having to do anything, is still foreign to them. After a few Tantra Lingam Massages this restlessness disappears and gives the man the opportunity to learn to devote himself to the woman and her lust without time pressure.

Be amazed at how in the course of time the Lingam becomes more sensitive and more awake and aware through these new touches. This also affects lovemaking. A sensitive Lingam moves differently in a woman’s temple of lust. New dimensions can be discovered through feeling the inner body and preparing with Tantra Lingam Massages.

Every woman is also representative of the elementary female power. With a Tantra Lingam Massage she, as part of womanhood, offers the man she massages love. The male power as a whole benefits, which is composed of all individual aspects of manhood, which means every individual man. This way love can substitute for the fight for sexuality. Men get what nature has meant for them: simply a lot of love and attention, particularly at their most sensual and most vulnerable spot. Through this, past hurts un-consciously caused by women are overcome.

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