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The Tantra yoni massage

Explaining the yoni

In Tantra the female sexual organ has the beautiful name of Yoni. In everyday language no word compares to it that describes the female sex centre as appropriately, respectfully, even appreciatively. The word Yoni comes from Sanscrit and can be translated as vulva, womb, shrine or source. In symbolic/coded, worshipping words she has been sung to and honoured in past centuries as fragrant rose, holy womb, gate to life. Many women don’t know the secrets of their magic flower. Often they have participated in a kind of sexuality which wasn’t theirs. During a Tantra Yoni Massage, a true tantric healing massage, man and woman learn a new, very conscious contact with the “female temple of lust.”

Yoni with flower
Ceramic yoni

More information on the Yoni Massage

To practice a Tantra Yoni Massage it requires a conscious decision at a set time with enough time allotted (two to three hours). The Yoni Massage should be given within a Tantra ritual, so you take your time to transform the room into a temple of love and purify yourself with a bath or an extensive shower.

The main idea or central point of a Yoni Massage is neither the technique and the sequence nor the learning of the touches shown. The healing factor is the atmosphere in which the tantric encounter takes place. The “how” is more important than “what”. In our film preview of Tantra Massage you can have an idea what tantric atmosphere means. The film shows every step that should be practised during a Tantra Massage, whether it is a Tantra Massage for the whole body, the Yoni, the Lingam, etc. If you would like to see and study the various touches for the female magic flower in detail, you will have extensive material using the 55 film clips. For each Yoni Massage, integrate a few of the touches shown. This leaves you many creative ideas for many further Yoni Massages. You may invent new mindful touches at any time. If they are performed in the same conscious manner, they will touch the woman holistically the way she longs for – including her body, her mind and her soul. It is this holistic approach which distinguishes Tantra Massages from the traditional massage methods.

The Yoni Massage may have a completely different effect each time. It may bring silence and relaxation after an intensive working day. Sometimes emotions are released with tears. It may be the beginning of long, loving, conscious lovemaking. The next time you may sink into deep silence and inner peace. Often one notices the effect only the next day in the form of more freshness, vitality and inspiration. In any case, after a Yoni Massage treat each other with a lot of care. Through the Yoni Massage a woman may be much more open and vulnerable and a word said unmindfully can hurt much more than it otherwise would in “normal” everyday life.

The combination of eye contact, caressing the face and mere holding of the yoni is completely new and unfamiliar to many women. All of a sudden they feel seen and and that they are actually the one directly meant as object of tenderness, which can hit to the core and open heart and sex. The new touches are “soaked up” and safe-guarded, so that old and less pleasant experiences may be released with time.

Women, who have had less than pleasant sexual experiences, whose Yoni was “used” but not loved, may release these old hurts completely through the process of many tantric Yoni Massages, and awaken to a new, love-centered sexuality. Many women have participated in sexuality which was too hard and insensitive for the tender petals of their “magic flower.” They have disregarded the rhythm of their female lust, for example by prematurely agreeing to sexual intercourse. Other women allowed touches which were too fast and too hard, maybe even painful. Particularly vigorous sex for many years, practised under pressure and force (e.g.. obligatory orgasms, time pressure), leaves its mark: The body tissue stores all experiences, shown by firm tension to being “cramped”. If Tantra Yoni Massage provides these areas with presence and consciousness, purposeless, deep relaxation can start. True sexual love blossoms.

Generally the places of slowness, presence and connectedness trigger positive changes in everyday life as well. Once the core essence is allowed to make its presence felt, it heals the entire human being, far beyond the limits of sexuality.

For many women Yoni Massage is a beginning of a new and conscious physical love. When the Yoni is allow to speak and the woman listens to its messages, it shows the way to a fine, energetic contact. The yoni then awakens to its actual purpose as receptive organ. What a joy for the man – and especially his Lingam –  when he is received and desired joyfully! For this to be possible, the Yoni must be able to take its time to unfold and that the man knows its “entry tickets.”/”secret password.” The Online School of Love equips you with much knowledge. Loving eye contact, sincere words of magic as well as touching the breast all play an important role. The sequence of a Yoni Massage follows the laws of female lust. By applying them, a rich and full femininity blossoms – the way it was meant from the beginning.

The Yoni Massage begins after a tantric tuning-in with an entire body massage. Gentle strokes in the face, loving words for the ears, time to look at each other and to appreciate all touch and open a woman’s heart. From there, there is a secret connection down to the yoni, which is then activated and the magic flower is brought into a receptive state. The nipples are also connected through the woman’s body to areas lower. Touch given them (whereby the correct pressure is enormously important) arrives directly at the clitoris. Take a lot of time to welcome of all body parts, and to massage the breast. Caressing the face again and again is the good and right connection to a woman’s heart. This is where the true opening happens, which is only mirrored by the opening of the Yoni. Therefore nourish the heart connection first and foremost.

Touching the Yoni starts very late in the process. First you only circle the yoni. The “roundabout” approach is much preferred to the direct access. A touch that is too fast and too direct kills the lust of a woman. Restrain, and learn anew the game of playing with details such as the pubic hair. Time pressure is strictly prohibited and destroys everything you may have built up so far. Only after having received permission (one only enters a temple after asking politely) is the inner yoni then explored – slowly and very, very cautiously: the G-point, the perineum, the uterine orifice – there is lots to discover and to re-awaken to new life! Hold the visiting finger still for a long time. This releases tension and old patterns which have pushed the yoni to activity instead to receptivity. Sometimes tears flow. Definitely allow this. It could be unconscious old pain which is being released, for instance a still existant love connection with an ex-partner, or memories of unpleasant sexual experiences stored in the body tissue. Sometimes a woman releases the collective female pain, making space for new sexual freedom as woman.

Never end a Yoni Massage abruptly. Only leave the yoni when the receiving woman confirms that she is ready. Then hold the entire yoni for a while, covering it with your protective hand. With your other hand caress the woman’s face and say some words directed especially to her.

Then say goodbye to the entire body of the woman with a massage which lasts a few minutes. Physical love you should also never end abruptly. This hurts and leaves its mark. It is not possible to describe an entire Yoni Massage in a few words. However, you might have got a slight idea by now and would like to prepare yourself thoroughly for your first (or next) Yoni Massage with the appropriate Yoni film clips.


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