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The tantra temple

How to transform your bedroom into a holy space of love

Here you find various ideas and suggestions on how to create your temple of love:

Tantra Temple of Love
BeFree Tantra: Create a Tantra Temple

In the tantric tradition, physical love is a holy affair, a true worship service. The place where you practice love, says a lot about the quality of your lovemaking. If woman and man meet in holy tantric space, first of all the (bed)room should be transformed into a temple of love. While arranging the temple atmosphere, you are already preparing yourself inwardly for the higher quality of your loving. Therefore preparing the room is actually part of the ritual itself. The physical temple is only a symbol of the inner temple, which is made visible using just a few items. By taking your time and relaxing during the creation of a ceremonial atmosphere with candles, cloths, flowers, fragrances and ritual items, the actual temple area, within your own body, opens. As soon as your beloved enters this room, created with devotion, his/her inside will respond and resonate as well. Because deep inside each human being is a hidden sanctuary, a tantric temple!

It should be very easy to transform your bedroom into a holy space of love, otherwise the good tantric intention could fail due to the lack of practicability in the everyday reality. You might just start by removing anything from your bedroom that does not belong there: laundry racks, jam jars, piles of books, old and perhaps insignificant pictures on the walls. This initial action requires a little investment of time as well as your willingness to let go of the old. You may even want to move furniture around to make your tantric love nest an eye-catcher.

A stereo system or a portable music device and some CDs (or mp3s) should always be within reach. In addition, you need tea lights and matches, an aromatic oil burner with two or three fragrances (natural aromas, very sensual ones are e.g. jasmine oil or real rose oil, available in pharmacies or esoteric shops), beautiful cloths, massage oil, lubricant, tissues etc. A quick and effective way to transform your bedroom is a permanently installed string of lights that you just have to switch on to create a nice atmosphere.

If you like you may use incense sticks. However these may create for many people a tickling in the throat, in particular if deep breathing is part of the ritual. Fresh flowers, avatars or other meaningful figures, symbols of love, houseplants, a plate with fresh fruit, glasses of tasty juice and/or fresh water may be added as your time permits. If available put two cushions on a rug for your meditation together.

If you have back problems you can sit on a chair instead, facing each other; sit straight without leaning on the back of the chair. The sequence of a ritual and various suggestions on creating a ritual are coming soon on our website

Now and then you may, of course, design your temple of love iin an especially enchanting way. Particularly those among you with creative talent are encouraged to let those creative juices flow. Those with more time can really surprise and amaze his/her partner. The very entering of the temple should invoke devotion and reverence, your heart should be touched and the deeper levels of the physical love awakened.

Now and then simply allow yourselves a highlight in your love, just as you occasionally visit a gourmet restaurant. There, too, a similar atmosphere invites you to take your time and to enjoy every minute, each course of the delightful dinner, relaxed and fully present.

We suggest taking turns creating the temple and also doing it together.



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